BronyPlan's Carefully planned GIMPs

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BronyPlan's Carefully planned GIMPs

Post by XP on Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:06 am

OKAAAY NEWEST TO... well not the newest.

The top right corner, I know. Razz IT's kinda messed up I'll fix it. *Medic voice* Later.

I just decided to make that, Splattered graffiti texts are supposed to be big and not a whole TEXT WALL! Both the brushes and font used in this was downloaded from dafont and Deviantart

The graphic I use for one of my remixes.

Header for my bandcamp

less edited version of my latest creation.

I used tinypic to host this image. Razz IT's also kinda dumb. xD

I am going to be working on a typography in the near future. It's more of a long animated graphic if you don't now what a typography is click this spoiler.

A typography is a video with an awesome way to give lyrics to a song. Very Happy

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Re: BronyPlan's Carefully planned GIMPs

Post by Tater on Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:04 pm

Cool! Nice, I like the splattered graffiti one best Very Happy
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