Arondite Class Supercruiser

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Arondite Class Supercruiser

Post by Johnnyred on Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:02 am

~ Start Entry ~ 

[My first official supercruiser since the original Andromeda!  Which wouldn't really be considered a supercruiser anymore.  This is also my first SHIP (Super Huge Investment in Parts, whether or not a vessel is considered a SHIP is determined by how long it is.  If it is over 100 studs long, it is officially a SHIP)

Realizing that superior numbers and technology, and more agile ships would not be enough in the age of supercruisers, Johnnyred developed the Arondite, named in honor of the sacred sword wielded by Sir Lancelot du Lac (AKA Sir Lancelot of the Lake).

The Arondite boasts superior firepower, and range to go with it.  It also has a large hanger bay to carry a large amount of fighter squadrons and Marine dropships.  Thanks to the four OMEGA class warp nacelles, it is quite capable of maintaining Warp 9.9" for without stopping.  And despite its large size, it is much more agile than most ships its size thanks to maneuvering thrusters lined around the primary hull.

It's OMEGA Class Wave Shock Cannons mounted on the ship make it a formidable threat to other ships its size or even larger, and thanks to these, it can become an orbital weapons platform, capable of sniping precise locations planetside within feet thanks to the pinpoint accuracy and and range of these magnificent weapons. 

In case no one was already informed, Wave Shock Cannons, like Wave Motion Guns, have near infinite range, though as the distance increases, the power decreases.  (To the point that at a certain range, it would feel as nothing but a mild tickle.)  This detriment to the Wave Motion Gun is an asset to the Wave Shock Cannons.  At long range, bridges, weapons, engines or specific planetside buildings can be destroyed without dealing large damage to ships or cities.  At the appropriate range, the Wave Shock Cannon could specifically target individual people within a building without injuring anyone else.  (Though this can only be done with someone planetside in an opposite building tagging the target.)

- Specifications -

(This honestly should probably have larger marine and fighter detachments than what I gave it, so don't pay too much attention to those numbers.  XD)

Length: 1580 Meters
Beam: 420 Meters
Height: 355 Meters
Crew: Roughly 5000, though much of that is pilots, hanger crew, marines, etc.  The majority of the actual ship crew is automated with the exception of crewmen in charge of vital stations such as weapons, engineering, bridge, etc.
Space Marine Detachment: 2000
Fighter Pilots: 800
Mobile Suit Pilots: 75
Dropship/Shuttle Pilots: 200
Fighter Contingent: F-101 Daggers, F-114 Phoenixes, and F-35 Razerhawks
Dropship Contingent: D-12 Nighthawk Dropships, Thunderbird Class Gunships
Shuttlecraft: Danube Class Runabouts
Mobile Suits: Paladin Type Mobile Suits
Deflector Dish: Upsilon Class Deflector Dish x1, Kappa Class Deflector Dishes x8
Armor: 10 feet of High Density Tenatium Armor with a Heavy Coating of Ablative Armor
Warp Nacelle: OMEGA Class Warp Nacelles x4
Average Cruising Speed: Warp 9.9"
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.9"
Weapons: Quantam Phaser Arrays x4, Wave Motion Torpedo Tubes x8, OMEGA Class Heavy Wave Shock Cannons x 6, Delta Class Wave Shock Cannons x18, Delta Class Shock Cannons x52, Multiple Quantam Torpedo tubes and PSONIC Torpedo Tubes along with Pulse cannon batteries for anti-air defense.

- Images -

- .lxf - ?7ad5pqftcamyfxx

~ End Transmission ~


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