Adventure Products: LBI and L.Inc.

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Adventure Products: LBI and L.Inc.

Post by Johnnyred on Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:49 am

So, LBI was something of a spin-off of Lighthouse Investigators, instead of Aaron and Abby Gaul, this one had Aaron and Asa Gaul, (Asa was their younger brother).  I don't recall much of this, except that it was basically an undercover division of Lighthouse Investigators.

L.Inc. (The original Lighthouse Incorporated) was another that didn't really go anywhere/I don't remember much about.  L. Inc. was supposed to be Lighthouse Investigators and LBI working together and working with the government officially.  I couldn't find any pictures of this one so that's why I grouped it together with LBI

- L.B.I. Lighthouse Bureau of Investigation Manual -


- Ogel Vs. L.B.I. -



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