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    Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:27 pm
    Message by Johnnyred - Re: RPG
    I don't see why Pacifica would have killed your partner though because Pacifica doesn't fight unless she's totally forced to, and she also can't kill with her sound powers, or at least not as of yet. Burst someone's eardrums yes, but kill someone no, however, I was going to have an NPC type character as well that's a Paladin of Light maybe he could have killed your partner? But also if your partner was killed by her or one of her party, she would most likely have been one of the evil nations or something. As long as you don't mind playing something like that, then I'd be fine, and it might actually add some cool plot twists.

    (Your character could be blaming Pacifica, but it was actually one of her allies instead of Pacifica herself, but maybe like put Pacifica on a constant guilt trip or something and maker her question herself and her right to be the queen of Gracemaria.)
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    Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:24 pm
    Message by Em - Re: Ideas
    Clear that by Jred.
    If Jred doesn't want to, there's a sound mage I can work with too.
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    Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:44 pm
    Message by Em - Re: Jargon scene 2
    OKay, for this:

    A week later I was walking through the forest, heading back to my camp in the trees. I stopped. There was rustling to my right. Slowly I turned my head. In front of me was a Sketon. Sketons’ were native to the forest of Shiisdren. They came from the dead, raised by old necromancers. The Sketons’ took control and killed the mages, living from there on out as a new generation. Sketons’ have, from waist to neck, human-like features. The heads are larger than normal, with moss coming out of their pupil-less, gray eyes, and head. They have six, hairy legs like a spider and pinchers with gray-green saliva coming out their mouths. The Sketons’ make a sound between a deep moan and a clack. Their arms are so strong they can break your back in one hit. They have mastered the element of darkness, making them hard to kill. I wasn’t scared though. I had fought them many before, living out in the forest makes that happen. I was about ready to attack when I heard another come up behind me. This will be a bit harder, I though, but nothing I can’t do. A third groan then came out from nowhere, then a fourth, then a fifth. I knew I needed to do something quick or I wouldn't be alive another second. I pulled out my katana and held it with both hands in a defensive position. I made sure not to show any fear, that was the Sketons best weapon. I paused, then attacked. Thrusting, I drove my sword into the Sketons stomach. Quickly, I pulled it back out, turned and slit the throat of the one behind me. One down. Turning to my left I cut off the arm of the Sketon, only to have it grow back. Ducking from an attack behind, I turned back to the first one. It had mended it’s wounds as well. I drove my katana straight through the creatures heart. The Sketon started to try and heal before I could pull out my katana. With it stuck in the Sketon, dead because it couldn’t fully heal, I rolled backwards and pulled out my bow. Three more to go. Aiming my bow at the one on the right, I shoot it in the eye socket. The unaffected Sketon continued forward with its’ eye twitching, the arrow moving with it. The one behind hit me on the side, breaking my ribs. Continuing through the pain, I did a series on complex maneuvers, getting myself far enough away so I could pull out my dagger, holding it in my right hand, bow in left. I threw it at the middle Sketon, it landed straight in its’ chest. Knocking an arrow into my bow I quickly delivered two shoots in the same place. Two left. Before I could get another arrow a strange feeling came over me. I was frozen for a second, my thoughts shrouded in blackness. Stay immune! I told my self with the Sketons getting closer, using their dark power. Stay immune! I gasped, coming back to though. Quickly, I shoot an arrow at the one coming on my left. It staggered enough so I could get over to the dead Sketon with the dagger in it. I pulled it out. Using my bow I finished of the one Sketon, rapid firing until it keeled over. One left. It was so close by then that I thrust my dagger through the Sketon, going all the way to the other side. My arm started to burn, and it felt like someone was squeezing so hard that the pressure would make my arm explode. I started to see a dark matter crawl up my arm from the Sketon like a weed. I yanked my arm out as fast as I realized what was happening. Baring my teeth so hard they hurt, I feel to my knees in agony. The black substance was crawling up my shoulder, now covering my eye. I was going to be dead in a matter of seconds. The matter spread. Then blackness.

    I was thinking more along the lines of her being overwhelmed by the beasts and Jargon swooping in. Dark matter is harder for him to overcome. Razz
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    Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:51 pm
    Message by Em - Re: 3rd intro
    "the second took out his sword. I didn’t hear a second." ???

    Otherwise should be fine.
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    Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:28 pm
    Message by Em - Re: 2nd Intro
    I look below at the three bandits from the tree I was hiding in. They all looked scruffy with dirt covering their faces. It amused me that they would come into this territory, thinking that they would make it out alive. The forest was dark and ridden with evil creatures people only thought we myths. No fool would step into these parts, and no, I’m not a fool. I just didn’t have a choice. It was this or death and the darkness endorsed me. Its companionship, compared to my past life, was a change I would prefer to keep.
    I studied the bandits, looking for good targets. Easy, I thought taking out my bow, Nightshade. I knocked the first arrow and aimed it at the first one’s neck and fired. Quickly, I rolled over to the other branch of the tree, hearing the thud of the arrow I knew I hit my target. I paused and waited. The other two bandits were looking around for me, I heard the ring of steel on steel as the second took out his sword. I didn’t hear a second. The other man must be a mage or archer. I would take the swordsman down first. Still in the tree, on my back, I knocked my second arrow and aimed. I shot it straight through his chest. The bandit fell to the ground with a grunt. The final man walked over to study his dead friend. That was his mistake. As he walked over I dropped silently to the ground behind him. I slowly pulled out my dagger, as to not make it ring. Then creeping up behind him I grabbed his collar and slit his throat with my dagger. Stepping back, he dropped to the ground. Sighing, I wiped my dagger on the bandit’s shirt, and then picked out the arrows from the two other men. I picked up their satchels to go through what they had.
    “Thank you for donating.” I said, leaving the bodies to lay in a timeless sleep.
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    Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:22 pm
    Message by Em - Re: Character
    Name: Lydiytha Reach. Lid-e-ith-a and her last name…you know how to pronounce that! For short, call her 'Lid.


    Strength: 5
    Perception: 10
    Agility: 5
    Intelligence: 2
    Cunning: 7

    She uses a special bow that she found on a quest, the bow is called Nightshade. She also has a dagger made of dragonbone and an ore called "jagged obsidian." She wears it on her left hip. Lidiythia was born in the snow regions and move later to the dark forests. Her parents were killed by bandits and she was an only child. Learning how to survive herself lead her to learning how to steal, pickpockets, persuade, and kill. At an older age she joined a group of thiefs and saw them as a "second family." She meet a companion named Merchia who was much like herself and they went of many quests and raids together, calling themselves "Sisters Of The Night." Merchia, after 5 years, was killed by a mage skilled in sound and music (guess who it is, that's a story we find out later.) 'Lid, in rage killed a person in the thief group that night. After realizing was she did did she left, knowing they would find out. She ran into the dark dark forests of Shiisdred and live there.
    Shiisdred is an evil forest of nasty creatures. Lydiytha learned how to defend herself by poisoning her arrows. She would find old tomes and caves to raid them of valuables, weapons, and food. As well, she learned the art of shapeshifting. (Well, she would have needed to be born with it so, she found out how to use her talent and perfected it.)

    Lydiytha can shapeshift into a Shadowmists, a misty creature with two white, pupil-less eyes. They have no facial or body features sense they are made of mist. They also have no mass, and because of this they cannot be harmed. Shadowmists hurt their victims by flying into them and suffocating them in their black air that they are made out of. The only sound they make are high, light, groans.

    'Lid has been through a lot and so she isn't easily scared. She is serious and gets things done with swiftness and concentration, she never smiles. 'Lid doesn't really like people in general, her past experiences with them are the reason, especially happy, cheerful ones. She likes the darkness and sticking with the shadows.

    But, somewhere inside of her she nows that she was meant for something greater.
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    Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:23 pm
    Message by Fluffy - Re: Songs from bands
    Fire Bird,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to type that all out for me! Lisa H. reminds me a little bit of Jess Penner! I listen to her a lot. Smile

    Okay, well I'll see you in August. bunny

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    Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:18 am
    Message by TeamTae - Songs from bands
    You told me to send you some links of my favorite bands so here are some. There's three songs each, it's a lot so..yeah.

    Of Monsters and Men.

    King and Lionheart:
    Little Talks (Music vid.):
    Yellow Lights:

    Lisa Hannigan

    Paper House:


    Creeping In my Soul:


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