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Between a rock and a hard place
Best friend(s) on this site :
The guy who likes to rebel and fight banana wars with me.

The Chicken which is not yet cooked.

The Dude which is super

The person who keeps me in line and (sometimes) even speaks to me sanely.

My old wizard friend from Creation Lab who has now taken to the high seas.

My artist friend from Creation Lab who never finished following destiny.

My PCG friend from Creation Lab who never finished sojourning

My video game designing friend from Creation Lab

My Comic writer friend-and-inspiration from Creation Lab (Whom I finally got to meet for real here)

The Legonater: My fellow countryman

^ No particular order
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Banana guns work fine
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Animating with Lego, procrastinating, animating with Lego, procrastnating, anim- (etc)
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Jaykoness all 'round!

Rank: Phase 2 Assimilation
Phase 2 Assimilation
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