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In no particular order... Wink

Kojan--His Unstoppable Dictatorshipness
Johnnyred--PCG-Founder-Who-Never-Gets-On-LZP Razz
Superdude--Chap who is more super a dude than his name suggests
Jacen Torq--Better known as Josh or Joshie; the Tea-Time nut
Jayko--Great film-maker and stop-motion picture legend
Dalu--My dear little sister, who is as quacky as I am Razz
Reina--fellow North Carolinian who has hiked some of the Appalachian Trail
Dino--My long-time brother in affliction and fellow Musketeer
Gander--Dear friend and fellow Musketeer
Ant--firearm enthusiast...and a whole pack of other things. Wink
Labby--The above's brother, who is also insane
Zyph--girl with the same name as my sister; likes rural life as much as I do
Fluffy--Her Most Excellent Moderatorness and Empress of Rabbits
Ellie--British tea addict, whose kidneys must be 90% crystalized minerals by now
Zint--nutty pal from LUCL; name is spelled with a "Z," not an "L"
Bone--brother to the above; is not a skeleton
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Anything made in America. =D
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Raising chickens, trimming my beard, eating, writing letters, and a whole bunch of other random things.
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Lemme ask you just one question: I THINK YOU'RE LYING!!! --A Bad Lawyer

Rank: Chicken Lord, 1st Class
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