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In no particular order...

Kaylu (Kayla/Galley/Dalu) - The most amazingly astonishing artist I've ever known

Scarecrow - My fellow G-Fan friend

Stephen (AKA Johnnyred, J-red) - An Awesome Author who writes Adventure Comix!!

Gandalf - The awesome LOTR fan

Jayko - The most amazing and funniest guy in Brickfilming history

Ms. Phoenix (AKA Fire Bird EAC) - A great artist, writer, and poetry

Kaylyph (AKA Kayla/Arwin/Zypher/Zyph) - An amazing Horse-obsessed girl!!

Josh (AKA Crackers) - The guy who loves music!!

Lissa (AKA Cartoon-Owl, ShastaSmith) - The girl who loves drawing Manga and My Little Pony!!

And to those whom I haven't mentioned I am kind of lazy to list.
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