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A secret location that is of the upmost classified and not to be spoken of... EVER. O_O . Or you can be sure you might just get stabbed with a sharp pointy pencil ^_^ . You've been warned.
Best friend(s) on this site :
In no order:

Lissa: Anime/Manga/writer/artist awesomeness friend Very Happy
JJS: Old friend from the LMBs, gamer, LotR
MD: LotR, Artist, writer good friend from the LMBs
Levi, Musically talented! and chill Cool
Ninja, da mailman who is da ninja O_O o_o O_o o_O
Kayla, artist, has a goat Smile (Lefty, or was it Righty? Razz )
Cotton, bunnies and (Our Leader Baby Face) Razz
Elli, awesome at piano, (Righty, or was it Lefty? Razz ), lover of tea
Fire, Shadow and awesome at poetry, writing and drawing
Drew, smart, artist, awesome Smile
Joe, writer and drawer of Manga
Pik, writer and digital artist, insane English teacher
Nog, Doctor Who and musician
LL, TASER Hehheheheh
PLUM KILLAH D:< ( Razz Bone)
AA, meh hero Razz
Lab, cats!
Roa, old friend from LMBs, CL Smile
Arik, Weapons/'spolzians!
GodsGirl, food fights! Another old friend from the CL
Weapon of choice :
Sharp pencils. VERY sharp pencils.
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Horses, drawing, writing, thinking about stories (or life in general xD ) , listening to music, reading, being online xD
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"Buy the paperback. E-books lack character." ~Shogo Makishima, Psycho-Pass~

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Over 9000