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I still remember all the glittering lights on Corsucant. Very pretty. Can we go back there, master?
Best friend(s) on this site :
Remember that castle thing I did a while back, that's bene in my spoiler ever since and none of you probably looked at it? Well I'm brining it back, and editing it. The original is sitll there, of course, so you can make closer attention to all the itty bitty changes.

O Master Writer-ness: A hiliarious guy. I thank him for everything he's helped me with in my book. We have many similarities. Now more than I realised O.o We epix friends. I think.

The Cat-Ex: She's like Fed-Ex, but not quite, cuz cat's never think they're tottally fed. Anyhoo. She's like, tottally epix. I should know, for various reasons. One of them being that we tried a prank, that ended in a result NO ONE SAW COMING O.o She's mai sister, so dun bug her.

The High Chicken: Another funny guy. He seeks to correct my errors. He hates the music I listen to. I hate the music he listens to. We once were stuck in a phone booth together, so we know each other well. Ish.

The Chicken Prince: He is above chicken's bruduh. I once shot him with a grammah pistol, and blew up his zepplin. Ummyeah.

Master Writer-ness's Heir: She's a great person. She's not on a lot, but when she is, it's fun. Actually, she's never on now O.o. I hope she and O Master Writer-ness set aside their differences.

The Sodium-based Musicion: Gud friend. Like many people here, he likes Sonic. He's a gud muscision, and helps me with my songs. He has epix geetar skills. Like a tactical genius. Also bro, through epic stuff.

The Spaghetti Zim Pony: Another random friend. He has an uncanny sence of humour. he also likes to impersonate fictional charecters like Zim, Rudolph and the Riddler. 'Cept now ZIm is hios arch nemesis, since he joined the pony. Does that make him a Rider of Rohan?

The Bunny Queen: Somehow she always involves me in her evil schemes. However, I have recently held her back, as she is now jealous that I have a good memory of my early years. She rules the bunnies with a loving fist.

The Assasin on the Maine Train: Oooh. Deadly Assasin. He learns from the great Agent Maine, as well as Altair. Spooky. And epix. I've known him for a reeeeeally long time. SO I know just how epix he is O.o

Heir to the Sodium Musicion: We have a love/hate relationship Razz He's stopped coming to the site O.o

The Manda'Lor: Leader of the Mandos. Gud friend too. he's not on a lot. He has some epix ideas when it coems to RPGs.

The Dictator: Instigator of dictator-ness. He seems to learn from the Mand'alor, due to all the stuff he knows, like RvB, Mandolorian stuff, not to mention everything else I can't think of right now. He's also epix, and good fighter. His universe is Fractured though. Huh.

O One Who Made This Site Great: He made this site great. He rallied in forces from across
the web Razz Okay, he's great, he's funny, he makes me lots of money. The end. Oh, he's also leaving/gone. Yeah, he's gone.

The Mine Maniac: I've recently become very goodf riends with him, as he tells me about his suicide game where climbs into a craft made of mines while hopped up, playign with lego, and trying to blow up a talking cloud... a game I've become addicted to.

The Sonic Trekkie: He's off studying to become a better king, but he's a great guy and likes stuff you've never heard of. HE'S A VERY NIZE JA?

The Castle Pyro: He's also a gud friend, but my memory of him is currenlt blank. That might have something to do with his hitting his head on a pool. talley ho.

He Who Constantly Attempts to Leave: I'm not sure if he's still here, but he is a gud friend,
and has helped me out. He likes cars. Vroom.

The Ultra Warrier: The not-so-stern faced warrier who is always out doing battle... even thoguh we don't send him out. When he's back home, he goes on the CB, but no where else. A good friend anyways.

The Non-Bionic Bionicle: Yes, you heard me. He's an intersting friend. We haven't talked a lot, but I like to think of him as... well... I don't know anymore. He likes his coffees.
Leader of the Ninja Hamsters: Perhaps this is who the Ultra Warriers fights. nevertheless, this man is a good friend, christian, warrier, leader, so on so forth.

The In-Law: He's technically my bro, through Cat-Ex. He interesting person. I dunno what he does in the castle, cuz he's a gamer. He games for XP O.o

Castle DJ: HE BE obsessed with music. He cool, though, and writes stuff. He's nerdish, but he dun understand how some stuff work O.o ;P

The Elf Commander: He's the epic leader of the elves in my castle. He like, does epix stuff. i've known him for a long time.

The Local Pirate: Ye plunderer and instigator, yet ye gud pirate and ye defend ye fort well. Ye fort certainly ain't Helm's Deep, though, that's fer shure.

The Departed: We sahll forever miss her. I wish I knew her better. But smeday, away from the wretched world we sahll meet her- as well as nnearly everyone else on this site.

The Town Not-Fool: Whoever was not mentioned on this list. you're all friends in my castle!
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Blasting meatbags
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